Commissioned by Carte Blanche Dance Company in Bergen, this 30 minute piece involves four of the company's brilliant dancers, two men and two women as well as two musicians.
The QUADRATE or square is a geometric symbol and an ordering principle expressing human orientation in space. For Dansdesign the concentrated power of the square was the initial inspiration for the creation of a dynamic quartet in wildly colourful costume design and with superimposed videoimages designed as part of the lighingdesign.

First performed: Carte Blanche Dancetheatre 13th March 2002
Also performed at the Stavanger String Music Festval and CODA Contemporary Dance Festival Oslo Norway 2002.

The music which is played live by Erik Mjølsnes and Ole Henrik Moe, contains motifs from the traditional fiddle music of the West Coast of Norway and is torn apart and recomposed by Moe to a new musical experience in the form of the old Slåtter. The fiddle players have their choreographed route among the dancers, sometimes in the dance space, and sometimes playing from outside of the dance space.

Dancers: therese skauge, henriette slorer, shannon anderson, mattias ekholm

Music: ole henrik moe jr. and einar mjølsnes

Lighting: stephen rolfe

Costumes: indrani balgobin

Stagedesign and video: dansdesign

©photos: thor brødreskift, karl henrik børseth and camilla haukanes