In contemprary dance and design made for children from 7-13 years of age vampire boy Rydiger von Slotterstein enters with strange sounds, a family of strange and wonderful personages. Mysterious and tumultous scenes evoke friendship and even a hint of romance.

First performed at Idea Conference, Bergen Norway 2001

Performed at LilleBox/Black Box Theater as part of Ultima Contemporary Music Festival,

Coproduced by Dansdesign, Carte Blanche Dancetheatre and LilleBox/Black Box Teater, Oslo, Norway

Dancers torkel rønold bråthen, gaute grimeland, pia elton/gry bech-hanssen,
sylvi fredriksen, marius kjos, alan lucien øyen

music jan erik pettersen dramaturgy bodil kvamme

lightingdesign: jean-vincent kerebel

costumes: linda nielsen

set design: serge dardeau

©photos: helge reistad