Commissioned by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

A new symphony in two acts with dance celebrate Trondheim’s 1000 years anniversary.

The inspiration flow from the river, the fire, the building of a modern town and the architecture and design of the Nidaros Cathedral. Dance sections evolve around sports events, social life as well as the madness of the middleages in un - chronological order. The landscape and historical incidents identifying Trondheim as a cultivated town are joined in a string of movement, colour and composed stage settings.

Choreography: Anne Grete Eriksen and Leif Hernes

Assistant choreographer: Kristin Nash

Composer: Bertil Palmar Johansen

Costume designer: Ellinor Flor

Visuals: Guri Dahl

Consultant dramatist: Halldis Hoaas

Assistant producer: Karene Lyngholm

Dancers: Sigrid Edvardsson, Cynthia Damm, Arne Fagerholt, Ella Fiskum,
Niklas Gundersen, Ingrid Lorentzen, Karl-Erik Nedregaard, Marius Kjos/Bjørn Sandberg

First performance 24th October 1997, Olavshallen, Trondheim