The small town Kr.sund on the west coast of Norway hosts Kristiansund Church, Arts and Culture Festival which commissioned a new full- length dance performance by Dansdesign for the festival 2002.
The Body's Document was performed at Kirkelandet Church which was built in 1964, 24 years after the previous church was burnt down during the second world war. The architect Odd Østbye and artist Gunnar S. Gundersen have created a simple church room which give a feeling of being lifted towards the light.

"The Body's Document" was a commission from Kristiansund Church Culture and Arts Festival.

dancers: gry kipperberg, cecilie lindeman steen, norman douglas and morten rasmussen appear with a band of musicians fram Kristiansund Festival Quartet and improvisational artists maja solveig ratkje (SPUNK) and rune tylden, costumedesign by ellinor flor.


©photos: karl henrik børseth and helge reistad