Commissioned by Le Theatre Dix - huit, Paris


Couvade is a term in anthropology describing a state in which the fathers behave as if they are going to give birth to their coming child. This physical state, and a recorded speech by Norways first King Haakon given on the BBC during the 2nd world war under the headline ”Despair Not” were the two initial sources of inspiration for this 60 minute dance duo. The music score includes old traditional military percussion juxtaposed with a new composition by Kjell Samkopf and live fiddle performed by the Sætesdalen master fiddler Hallvard T.Bjørgum. A new small play was written for the piece by dramatist Torunn Lian. This play was published by Aschehoug as part of a drama publication called ”Lengtere”.

Excerpts of Couvade has been filmed by the NRK, Norway and presented in the program ”Drøm” by Eva Brustad.

Photographers and filmmakers John Alfheim and Klara Sund took part in the process and contributed to the stageproduction with underwater photos of the dancers, film and diasprojections. They also created a film with the same title which is presented on the NRK.

Choreography: Anne Grete Eriksen and Leif Hernes

Film and photos: John Alfheim and Klara Sund

Music, composition and performance: Kjell Samkopf, Hallvard T. Bjørgum

Set- and costumedesign: dansdesign

Text: Torunn Lian

Lightingdesign: Lysverket, Casper Evensen and Inger Johanne Byhring

Performed (1989-1995) at Black Box Theatre, Oslo, Høvikodden Art Centre, Agder Theatre, Kristiansand, Mayfest, Glasgow and Bergen Music Factory, Bergen.
Also performed at The Vestfold Festival (1995) with dancers Gry Kipperberg, Sigrid Edvardsson, Marius Kjos and Arne Johan Hegdahl