«A light dances cherfully before me. I follow it this way and that »

The choreography explores the forbidden poetry of Willem Müller used by Schubert for his «Die Winterreise»; The choreographers have chosen to explore the notion of intense, depressive frost; an «idée fixe» common across Northern Europe, for the inescapable passage of fate.

Commissioned by and first performed at Bergen Music Factory, Bergen, Norway in 1996.

Also performed at Northlands festival, Scotland and Huddersfiels Contemporary Music festival, UK in 2002.

Three wonderful dancers; Kari Anne Bjerkestrand, Gry Kipperberg/Gry Bech Hansen and Marius Kjos/Norman Douglas/Brynjar Bandlien performs here. Their speciality is both the sleek elegance of today's partnerwork as well as virtuosity in the dramatic and playful style of the choreography.

Hans Zender and the Ensemble Modern have reinterpreted «Die Winterreise» by Schubert. This exciting recording with tenor Hans Peter Blochwitz radically challenges our preconceptions of the pre-romantic era and inspires us to create a futuristic atmosphere of the lost and loveseeking man who wanders on the frozen ground.

The costumes have been created by Bjørnar Aaslund. The internationally acclaimed stylist has created funk-fur and plastic-spring costumes, elegant and futuristic.

Lighting design is by Jean Vincent Kerebel.


©photos: Knut Bry.