Playing with geometric forms, circles, ovals, triangles, straight lines and a multitude of space patterns with the entire 2nd Piano Concerto by Chopin this work is a toyshop of visuals in film, live video, a colourful lightingdesign and multitude formations in group- and partnerwork.

Choreography: Anne Grete Eriksen and Leif Hernes

Music: John Cage and Chopin

Live video: John Alfheim and Klara Sund

Costumedesign: Pia Müller

Lightingdesign: David Lawrence

Texts during the process: Erling Kittelsen

Dancers: Kari Anne Bjerkestrand, Sigrid Edvardsson, Gry Kipperberg, Caroline W. Nesse, Arne Johan Hegdahl, Marius Kjos

First performed at Scenehuset, Oslo, 1994
Also performed at Black Box Theatre, Bergen Music Factory, Bergen, and at Riksteateret, touring Norway (1995)

This production was videofilmed by John Alfheim and Klara Sund and titled:
Pictures from a performance.