Commissioned by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival Renverser l'espace is a co-operative enterprise between the composers and performers in the group SPUNK and Dansdesigns choreographers and 6 dancers.
The meeting between composers, performers and dancers is expressed physically in three movements;

The first movement is about space, the basic structure in a room - distances, height, levels, width, depth, ornaments, decoration, all which create a physical response.
In the second movement the meaning of the word renverser has been applied to the dance material. Renverser means; turn upside down, overturn, opposite, backwards, inside out, change, bend, throw back, amazed, awe-struck.
In the third movement the physical experiences are overthrown under the title rhythmic re-arrangement.

First performed in Kulturkirken Jakob under the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Dancers: brynjar bandlien, pia elton, gry kipperberg, marius kjos, caroline w.nesse, ragnhild olsen, bjørn sandberg

Stage: serge dardeau


Lightingdesign: david lawrence

Costume: dansdesign

Projections: john alfheim

©photos: karl henrik børseth