This 20 minute dance performance for babies 0-3 years of age has been choreographed with babies in the studio keenly watching and sensing the movement, its rythms and development.
The young audience has responded eagerly to the dance which is strictly without characters, roles or story. With an absorbing concentration the young audience respond to the sound, the movements and the colors of the brightly designed costumes.

The music for a live female voice has been developed by Ole - Henrik Moe jr.
The choreography won the Hedda prize for best performance for children and youth of 2003.

Dancers: Caroline W. Nesse and Sigrid Edvardsson/Kari Anne Bjerkestrand and Gry Kipperberg

Singer: Liv Gunnhild Tandberg

Composer: Ole Henrik Moe jr.

Costumedesign: Linda Nielsen

Stagedesign: Harald Fetveit

©photos: Karl Henrik Børseth & Helge Reistad

First performance at Black Box Theatre, Oslo, 10. 05. 2002
Also performed at Agder Theatre, Kristiansand, on the Art Council of Norways Conference Art and the Child

Touring France March and April 2006, Theatre Dunois, Paris, Tres Tot Theatre, Quimper, Grand Theatre de Lorient, Le Theatre d'Anglomeme - scene Nationale, Meli Mome, Reims and Espace Jean Vilar, Arceuil